Wall Paper Sticker (Inkjet Printing)

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Wall paper sticker printing 

Vinyl & Mural Wall sticker is very affordable to bring out you brand visibility, especially when compared to traditional painting costs.

Enhance the look of any business office / restaurant / home with one or more of our great removable wall stickers. D One Vinyl wall decals are suitable to decorate or enhance any interior or exterior surface and we have the best selection of wall stickers and decals in Malaysia. 

Most people find that the best thing about vinyl wall stickers is the fact they can be easily attached to almost any wall. Not only are they easy to attach, you can take them down just as easily. The most effective way to display your company message and design.

Our all sticker will usually last 3 years on an exterior surface – a lot longer on an interior wall depending upon the environmental conditions, temperature etc. Our products outperform cheap wall stickers; last longer and look better because our removable wall decals and stickers are manufactured from the highest quality vinyl and adhesives.